Monday, 5 February 2007

Hollywood Beckons Our King Henry VIII

We have written many times about our very own King Henry VIII fromChorley, alias Ray Irving, but his performances before hundreds of peopleat Samlesbury Hall, his appearance in the Rolf Harris on Art live Holbeinshow from Trafalgar square and his countrywide travels to Primary Schools,have not gone unnoticed by the media in America.

A script has been written about the guy who is the exact double of Henry,working in a large Tudor mansion and who becomes the actual reincarnationof the King. Spin offs already planned for a sitcom where Henry is the invisible friend and advisor to a stressed female executive. The start of this Cross-Atlantic venture is in January 2007 in Samlesbury Hall, which will become the actual set for the full production if the production bosses like what they see. A screen test video will be produced at Samlesbury Hall on January 29th/30th 2007.

Ray Irving and his daughter Alison Taylor will play King Henry VIII and Ann Boleyn. Alison is the brains behind the unique website which is the first Agony Aunt on the web in the UK. She is a good likeness to both AnnBoleyn and a Young Princess Elizabeth, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by her Father Ray who uses her looks in his famous website which now receives over 1,000 hits per week. Henry, sorry Ray, will produce pictures of the filming as it is taking place and will post the pictures on his websites for the public to keep up with the production.

He says: "I love being King Henry VIII both in the real Castles and Houses and touring the schools with the Henry Tudor Drama Company, anything that comes from this venture is a bonus, whether it flops or not I will enjoy every minute of the experience." Ray's Daughter Alison comments "It's all very hyped to me; I am doing it because my Dad wants me to, but I'm sure it will be a lot of fun too".

Pamela Seres the American Author and Screen writer is the partner across the Atlantic, she is the driving force in the development of the King Henry VIII image in American Movie and TV, and she will be coming to England with actors and press agents to give the project the best possible start. Pamela says, "When I saw Ray's face and compared it with the real King Henry VIII, I was amazed, if not a little spooked how close he resembles the King, it became a focal point to write a script with this face in it and bring King Henry VIII alive again. I'm sure that with the right exposure and story line this new venture will become a worldwide hit that nobody can copy."More stories about King Henry VIII from Chorley will be posted as the project continues.

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