Tuesday, 7 October 2008

DCL 4th top selling Romance Highland Caller by Liadan Brodie

“That’s it! Right over there!” Fiona shouted. Her friends thought she had completely lost her mind but wisely kept their mouths shut.
Fiona turned to Liza and Abby, “I know this is the place. I can feel him. He’s here.” They both knew who she was referring to and still they thought she was crazy but smiled anyway.
From the looks they were giving her, Fiona knew she needed to calm down and control her outbursts. But she felt exhilarated by the fact that she was finally closer to the man who visited her dreams.
* * * * *
For the past ten months she had been experiencing a strange, recurring dream. Well, it was a dream until three months prior when she had seen him appear in the middle of her bedroom.
That was when she’d known that the dreams were more than that and she had to find the place this man had shown her. At the time she’d never thought it would bring her and her friends to Scotland.
The taxi pulled onto the side of the road and Fiona leaned forward and paid the driver before getting out. She waited for Liza and Abby to exit the cab before heading towards the ruins of an ancient castle.
The closer she got to the crumbling walls that had vines growing haphazardly up them, the closer she felt to him. She couldn't tell Abby and Liza his name, not yet. She had to see him first, had to know for sure that it wasn't just her imagination.
Abby called out to Fiona, “Would you slow down? Good Lord woman, there's nothing there but a pile of old, falling down, dirty, moss covered bricks.”
Liza elbowed Abby and whispered, “Don't irritate her. You know how she's been ever since she saw that man or vision or whatever it was.”
Abby frowned, “I know, but I seriously think she's got some weird mojo going on in that head of hers.” Abby shook her head and watched Fiona stop in front of the ruins. “I told her all that meditation would make her lose her marbles and I was right.”
* * * * *
Fiona couldn't believe it, she'd found the entrance he had shown her. The entrance he had used countless times and the entrance that had led him to his death. She was certain there was something more he wasn't telling her about his mysterious death.


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