Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Only in Spirit Anthology‏

ONLY IN SPIRIT, written by Kate Hofman.Saved from violence by an enigmatic Privateer, Bibi has a chance of a forever love. Their way to eternal happiness is menaced by a timeless evil. Can their love span across Life and Death, or...?VALENTINO's GHOST, written by Gwyn Lacy.Riding away from a life of despair and pain, on a wave of oblivion with a sensual, other-worldly man,Camilla must choose whether to reach out to the hope of a new life, or to reside in the after-life...CASTLE ON THE MOOR, written by Bill Haworth.Lost love, a cursed spirit, and an enchanted castle...Two young lovers seek to help a ghost follow his destiny. Tormented by demons, both modern and ethereal, can they right an ancient wrong, to promote a love that can exist...?
By Sylvia Cochran
Castle on the Moor is a short story by Bill Haworth. A Brit retired from the army and accustomed to hard work offshore in UK and Canadian waters, Mr. Haworth is a relative latecomer to authorship. His full length novel “The Ice Palace” was well received later on, and Mr. Haworth is becoming a fixture in the eBook market.
Castle on the Moor is an earlier work that speaks of the fight for redemption even after death. As the story unfolds, the reader is transported to a lovely old castle that should be decrepit for its age. A young American couple is hired to restore the castle to its former glory for their employers, a rather loud, modern day rap group.
As they arrive, they find a castle in the best of repair and a somewhat old-fashioned host. Their host is old fashioned indeed, being a direct relative of the castle’s original master builder. The story unfolds and the couple finds themselves embroiled in a quest to help good triumph over evil and folly, and a curse that requires fulfillment before a tired specter may escape his punishment.
Castle on the Moor is a beautifully written story that makes for a quick read. Because of the rich descriptive language used, I am tempted to crown Mr. Haworth king of the adjective; it is virtually impossible not to form a solid picture of the landscape he has in his mind. It is this gift that makes him a master storyteller and his work a joy to read.

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