Sunday, 9 November 2008

All Hallow's Haunting Review

Title : All Hallow's HauntingReviewer: WendyReviewer Email : wendy@romancejunkie s.comAuthor: Desiree LeePublisher: DCL PublicationsRelease Date: October 30, 2008ISBN : 9781921347672Author Homepage: http://www.desireel ee.comBlue Ribbon Rating : 4Format : E BookContent Editor: KimberlyDane and Kit are two young teenagers going steady who decide to ditch trick-or-treating on Halloween to perform a seance' on the abandoned Coulbourne estate. Rumor has it that Silas Coulbourne went mad and murdered his son and wife years ago. The seance' works like a charm, except Dane vanishes without a trace.Kitrina (Kit) Eisley is a very different person than she would have been if Dane hadn't disappeared ten years ago. Growing up through years of ridicule for telling the truth, she tends to keep to herself. She's never had a boyfriend since Dane disappeared, as she still pines for him. Dane Grissinger has spent the last ten years of his life caught in between worlds. He has missed Kit very much. Over the past ten years, he has grown strong enough that he can now appear to Kit in his spiritual form. He yearns to touch her, but his apparition just chills her. When his spirit begins to visit her, she realizes she still loves him. Kit is determined to get Dane back, or put his spirit to rest. She starts digging through the past and finds a few surprises. Gathering information from an elderly man, she soon learns about the Coulbourne curse and is resolved to break it. Getting the help of the local seer, her mom, and Dane's parents, they go back to the original scene and try to reverse the curse. Full of hope and despair, they are unsure of the outcome. Will Dane's spirit finally be at rest, or will he come back to them?If your looking for a suspenseful romantic ghost story, then ALL HALLOW'S HAUNTING is it! Charming characters, a thrilling mystery, and spooky scenes set the backdrop for a wonderful light read. Perfect to read curled up to the fire.

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