Thursday, 6 November 2008

New Release! Surrender to Fear by Sherri L. Gibson

Surrender to Fear

He came to her while she slept and pulled her nightgown upwards to expose her breasts before removing her panties and tenderly stroking her nude body. Sherridan moaned softly as her dream-lover petted her entire frame, his dark eyes magnetically drawing hers to them as he continued the sexual overtures. He didn’t say a word as he seduced her into succumbing to his ardent advances until she was readied for his entrance. She moaned again when he thrust his manhood into her womanly crevice over and over until they’d attained a climax. Then, as always, her dream-lover vanished from sight, leaving her completely fulfilled and believing it all to be a fantasy.
Landon’s enchantress visited him that evening as well, her steamy fingers stimulating him until he thought he’d go mad from the need for satisfaction. The jet-haired beauty caressed his bare chest and penis until he was more than ready for her, and then, as usual, she sat upon his rock hard shaft like it was a throne and rode him until their desire was sated. Kissing his lips once the goal had been achieved, the gorgeous seductress disappeared.
He awoke with a start. Glancing about to find his friends were still asleep, he breathed a deep sigh of relief. Rising to make his way into the bathroom, Landon took a warm shower to cleanse his perspiring body, wondering all the while why these sensual dreams still plagued him and if the stranger he and the others encountered earlier really knew something. Why, he thought, why in hell did he have the sudden desire again to head for Death Valley right then and there? It required every ounce of willpower he could muster not to hop into his parents’ Blazer and do just that!
“Pull your shit together, Landon,” he muttered under his breath. “It was just a fucking dream, that’s all.”


I think I realized from the start that something wasn’t right, for the entirety of my pregnancy was spent with my head over the toilet vomiting and feeling an intense evil hovering about my husband Kevin and me. The premonition intensified when our family physician, Doctor Whitley, announced that the ultrasound results in my second trimester revealed that I was carrying twins, and the fear previously felt reached near hysteria. By the time I was six months along, I was so damned tense that I was nearly impossible to reason with. Let’s pick up from there, shall we?
“Aubrey, what the hell’s eating you now?” Kevin barked as we sat down for breakfast the morning before I was to visit Doctor Whitley again for a checkup. As usual, my husband’s ire was clearly displayed upon his handsome face, but still I was determined to speak the truth.
“We’ve been through it a million times,” I shot back irritably, munching on a slice of buttered toast topped with strawberry jam before going on. “Something’s wrong, Kevin. I can feel it. I should be delighted about the birth of our children, but I’m terrified. It’s like I’ve told you before, I feel like something’s wrong and that we’re headed for some sort of trouble.”
Kevin flashed me one of the boyish grins that usually made me melt. But this time it was different. I found the gesture to be almost mocking, and felt like he deemed me a fool.
“Aubrey, it’s just overactive hormones like the doc said,” my doting husband attempted to console me. “You’ll see, once the babies are born and you take one look at their precious little faces, you’ll laugh at yourself for ever worrying so much.”
Although I disagreed for reasons I couldn’t put a finger on at the time, I merely returned the beguiling grin and nodded agreement, praying he and Doctor Whitley were right and that my woman’s intuition was wrong. Sipping on a cup of coffee, I let my mind sweep me back to the past. Kevin and I had married six years before and had been extremely happy. We put ourselves through college and got good paying jobs before trying to conceive once Kevin obtained a job at the Direy Law Firm the previous year. As for me, once I had become pregnant three months before, my husband pleaded with me to quit my position as a registered nurse so that I could be a full time parent to our children. He didn’t like the idea of the twins being brought up by a sitter, and I didn’t put up much of a protest despite the fact that I loved my occupation, because I felt similarly.
Coming back to the present, I wondered why now I felt differently. Why the sudden change of heart? I’m wasn’t certain; I just knew that bit by bit, the glorious sentiments once felt for my unborn twins had developed into feelings of uneasiness and stark terror…emotions both my husband and Doctor Whitley chose to blame on hormonal changes. Silently chastising myself for the unwanted emotions, I strove to convince myself that Kevin and the physician were right. Still, the ominous sensation lingered. My beloved husband and I had always planned to have a family, and I felt ashamed for feeling so damned horrified. Glancing up then and noticing that Kevin was staring at me curiously, I forced myself to conjure up a smile and cast it his way. God, how I adore him, I thought when the gesture was returned without hesitation. Honesty had always been a major part of our relationship, so why did I feel as if I had to deceive Kevin now? But I knew the answer already. If I kept revealing my innermost feelings, I was afraid I’d lose the man I treasured more than anything in life. Was a premonition worth that risk? Hardly, I concluded as I cleared the dining room table of the dirtied breakfast dishes so that they could be washed before my doctor’s appointment. Hormones, Aubrey…that’s what I kept attempting to convince myself at the time.

Morning found the anxious young men and women hastily devouring a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, fried bacon strips, hash browned potatoes, hot buttered toast topped with strawberry jam, and heaping glasses of orange juice before leaving the hotel to begin their exploration of the mountains. Tarrah and Larry chuckled as they watched a mother deer and her young fawn greedily lapping water from the crystal clear lake while Scott, Bethany, Josh, and Cindee admired the sensational view of the sun as it peeked above the water to cast a most enchanting glow upon its surface. Brendin, Kiley, Gary, Paul, Steven, Melody, and Marie joined them to admire the lake after an exploration of the surrounding wooded area.
“Isn’t this the loveliest place you’ve ever seen?” Bethany asked as she gazed at the sparkling water.
“Not nearly as beautiful as you,” Scott commented, his eyes lingering upon the woman he cherished.
Bethany’s face flushed scarlet at the compliment. “I love you, Scott Winters,” she said, “and I always will.”
He leaned forward to kiss her then, and in response she wrapped her slender arms about his waist. God, she silently prayed, please don’t let me lose him! I don’t know what I’ll do if he leaves Lynchville and my life forever! Unknown to the young friends, they were being closely scrutinized. A plot was being formed at that very instant…one that included all of them…and one in particular. The prying eyes watched the thirteen comrades for quite some time before making an exit

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