Friday, 30 January 2009

New Release! Till Death Us Do Part by Jennifer Mueller

A cannonball landed inches from my feet, but the fuse must have been bad it blew through without even exploding. I just stared at the hole even as the cries of the pirates that had fired it filled my ears. Swords and pistols drawn, the crew rushed around me toward the men spilling over the side of the boat. A cargo ship the Mariette had not one cannon onboard. Seemed stupid in pirate-filled waters even a non-sailor like me had wondered why her husband had not outfitted it with such. Blood started to flow over the deck towards me as the ship listed, I could smell its copper tang even from that distance. One body floated lifeless turning the water red and ominous fins slowly gathered in the distance. Then everything went black. ****Someone was trying to throw an old sail over me when I woke, head pounding. The attack on the Mariette came flooding back and I screamed knowing where I had to be. He looked to be little more than a kid that stared down at me. The lowliest of Jack Lott's crew did not think of gagging me or binding my hands. A bellow came as the door flew open."We do not take prisoners damn it how many times have I said it!" "Captain Lott." The boy stammered. Then the captain got a look at me. "I don't blame you Johnny boy. Two hundred sovereigns from my share in the crews take. Buy you lots more than one woman in Tortuga. You will not be a lad anymore I will take you to my favorite woman. No one hasn't had a good time when they're with Maggie." Long dark hair and deep set brown eyes. Thin nose and full mouth that the corner of which twitched when I was trying to keep from smiling. Oh and such an enchanting smile. I had been told often enough how beautiful I was I knew what the value was for. They were stuck with me but I was no burden. The boy beamed as Jack Lott hauled me to my feet. Before I knew what was happening my dressed was ripped from me and thrown overboard. A ship full of pirates leered as if I was the last woman on earth as I was pushed past in a ripped shift barely covering anything. All were armed to the teeth and covered in blood, blood of the men that worked for my husband. He called it courting though I was forced to be the whore of the man that was robbing my husband.
That I had slept with a pirate caused me no great duress, after all I had slept with Francois all those years and he was little more than a stranger even if we shared the same name. He might as well have thought me the cleaning lady for all the affection he showed me.

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