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New Release! Litha Dreams by DCL Author Rachel E. Moniz


Litha Dreams makes it possible to once again believe in the idea that people really do have soul mates.

When the main characters decide to follow their hearts they pull the reader into a magical romantic ride of a story. Morgan and Rowan's tale is one that will have us all believing that if you dream hard enough anything is possible. This is a wonderful story that is well written and very imaginative.


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That night, after having spent time that day with her mother and her aunts, Morgan was in her rooms with Ruadh, talking and planning their excursion to her aunt’s.

“How can we sneak out?” Morgan asked.

“I thought of that. Your mother is not apt to give you permission to leave. She retires early, though, so maybe after she is asleep we can go without anyone seeing us,” Ruadh offered. “Aunt Sionnach will be sure to send my cousins as escort for us when we leave, so if we come back before dawn and the castle is not yet awake, no one will know!”

“It would not be a pretty scene if she caught us,” Morgan said. Then she added her favorite phrase of dismissal, “Be damned! I will be daring!”

“Tomorrow night, then? I will send word to Aunt Sionnach,” Ruadh smiled.

“ Twill be a grand adventure!”

The two girls said goodnight and Morgan lay in bed feeling the excitement at her planned rebellion. She was drifting off to sleep but was already dreaming; at least she thought she was dreaming. The man before her was tall with incredibly wide shoulders. She could not see the whole of his face, just his eyes but she felt his hands roaming over her body. She tried to speak but her mouth was immediately covered by his and she got lost in the fiery feel of his lips. She reached her hands up past his neck and threaded her fingers in thick dark hair. She was fevered, in need of his body and in her sleep, she cried out.

* * * *

Castle Culloch That Same Evening

Across the miles that separated them, Rowan was laying still in his bed. The lady had come to him again in his dream. The same lady with the same crystal eyes and full lips as all of the other times. “Who is she?” he thought. He closed his eyes and thought more of the dream and replayed it in detail.

He was near Culloch lying back with his head on a rock. He had been swimming and was allowing the unusually warm sun to dry his nude body. She had come from his right, clad in a luxurious blue velvet cloak. She spoke no words but stood over him. The sun behind her head created a halo around her and he truly thought he was looking at an angel as she looked down upon him.

As his glance swept from her feet to her head, the wind billowed the cloak open and he saw she was naked beneath it. She threw the cloak off her shoulders and bent low over him, her breasts barely touching his chest, and kissed him softly on his lips. He reached his hands into her hair and pulled her down totally on top of him. Their lips met and touched dozens of times at the beginning of their slow mating dance. He pulled back from her, and looked deeply into the sweetly soulful eyes. They were magnificently made, round, wide and clear. The rest of her face, except for her full sensual lips, became a blur to him. Long, dark lashes swept down as she blinked. A coy hand reached out to trail long fingers down his chest and then up again.

He could control himself no longer. He rolled his body over hers, pinning her to the green grass beneath her. His hands touched every intimate part of her, the roundness of her breasts, their smooth undersides, down to her soft thighs and then into her moist flesh. She was ready for him and he waited no longer to cover her body with his. Their lips came together in a deep kiss and he buried himself inside of her.

Her tiny cries with each of his thrusts made him mad with the need to brand her as his own. Their kiss was broken, her hands remained on each of his cheeks, holding his face steady as he looked down, deep into her eyes and saw himself reflected in their blueness.

The friction from his body worked its magic, she moaned low in her throat as she felt her orgasm start and it was then that he, too, peaked. The dream began to fade until all Rowan was left seeing were her eyes, which seemed to say, “I am here and I belong to you…why haven’t you found me?”

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