Sunday, 22 March 2009

New Review for FIELD OF DESIRE by DCL Author Sherri L. Gibson

In this short novella, author Sherri L. Gibson takes her readers on a roller-coaster ride of sensuality and emotion.

The well-developed characters not only come to life through Ms. Gibson's words, but are also so common and real that any reader will be easily relate each to someone from his/her own life.

The simple settings and well-written details keep everything easy to envision while the plot takes main stage, making the reader hope for and fear what might come next.

Ms. Gibson has written this in such a way that every character and emotion becomes so vivid that the reader is easily lost within the story; seeing it all take place before his/her eyes, and wishing they could intervene.

This story tell an all-too-real tale that is sure to stir the imagination, memories, and emotions of every reader!

Thank you,
Stephanie Grace

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