Thursday, 2 April 2009

Re Release! The Ice Palace by DCL Author Bill Haworth


"I quite fell in love with the hero myself... Bill Haworth writes a compelling novel"

Veronica Towers

Truth be told, in my opinion Mr. Haworth missed his calling and instead of appealing to an adult audience already jaded by an oversaturation of the romance genre, this story –in wording, length, and after some decided editing for adult content—is a surefire win with the preteen and teen market.

By Sylvia Cochran


ICE PALACE has an almost fairytale quality and atmosphere. I wanted Avdotya’s fairy godmother to arrive and carry them away to safety. Bill Haworth adds in a surprise ending to this delightful tale that made me clap in glee. For an almost magical tale of good versus evil, ICE PALACE is the book to read!

Natasha Smith,

Romance Junkies


There was a fresh Alpine breeze that spring morning of 1739. It gently blew away the morning mist that hovered over the waters of the Italian Lake Garda, and revealed shimmering reflections of shoreline hamlets dotted along its banks. Embedded in the mountain foothills, the lake area was protected from the worst of the weather from above while still enjoying a warm Mediterranean climate down by the lake side. Palm and olive trees flourished, as did tomatoes and vegetables in great variety. The scent from the apple orchards, and the orange and lemon groves charged the air with a sweet pungency.

The lake had an abundance of freshwater fish such as carp, pike and tench, while salmon abounded in the rivers and streams. Wild boar and deer roamed the nearby forests, and a small herd of cows grazed the rich green slopes. Domesticated ducks and geese played at the water’s edge. The mountain streams provided clean, sweet drinking water, filtered through many layers of rock.

With the ambient weather, it was an idyllic oasis; a veritable Garden of Eden tucked away in the mountain slopes; a happy healthy environment for raising families, or recuperating from illness. The folk living there blessed their good fortune, and led a contented existence. Life was, indeed, sweet.

In a log chalet, on a slope overlooking the lake, the dawn sunlight streaked through the bedroom window, casting illuminating fingers of light upon the faces of the young couple still at slumber. The bed and bedroom were littered with rice and confetti. A garland of flowers hung from the corner post of the headboard. On the wedding bed, were partly opened gifts. Clothing and empty bottles of wine were strewn in happy disarray, about the floor.

While songbirds twittered merrily outside, the flickering tentacles of light played on the young man’s eyelids. He gradually awoke, and when his sleepy eyes became clear, he focused them on the beautiful young woman lying alongside him.

He smiled, and playfully caressed her long golden locks of hair spread across the pillow. He marvelled at her voluptuous form. His caresses, plus the dancing rays of sunshine on her face roused her from her sweet slumbers. He blew gently in her ear.

Her eyes flickered without opening. “Good morning,” she said sleepily. He kissed her tenderly, full on the lips. At that moment he was a happy man and knew he had everything in the world he would ever want. Life could not possibly get much better than this, he thought.

She responded to his passionate ardour, and both became locked in a loving embrace. He resisted the temptation to make love yet again.

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