Friday, 22 May 2009

I have a Review!!! 4 cups! for Regency Romance Novel, Dreams of a Raven Moon

ISBN# 978-1-921347- 85-6
February 2009
DCL Publications
119 pages
Regency Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lady Shannon Masters is a quiet and somewhat shy country girl who finds herself in the midst of the attentions of a man with a reputation for cruelty. A man who wants her affection but seems to be able do nothing but upset and insult her.

Viscount Ravenleigh soon finds himself fascinated with the demure Lady Shannon. But nothing he plans seems to work. At every turn he gets it wrong, until he embarrasses her in front of the Ton and finds himself dueling for her honor.

Shannon knows she is below the needs of a man like Nathaniel; the Viscount has a reputation of liking a certain type of woman. Nathaniel loves the fact that Shannon sees the man he is, not the looks he was born with. Now all has to do is convince her that he is not just trying to save her reputation.

Shannon and Nathaniel are an amazing couple. It seems in places that fate herself is against them. Shannon’s quiet strength and Nathaniel’s security in his position and his family give them the ability to face even the most unusual of circumstances. Ms Towers’ Cockney English is a little difficult to follow, but this does not seem to detract from what is a refreshing and appealing romance.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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