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Within These Stone Walls is up for book of the week! (+ adult excerpt)

My paranormal tale Within These Stone Walls received a 4 ½ Cherries review from Whipped Cream! Woo hoo! Plus, it is up for Book of the Week! I’d appreciate your vote in the poll! The poll is only open Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th.

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Reviewer Tiger Lily states: “Ms. Lee writes a captivating tale. She grabs the reader from page one and allows her characters to run the gamut of emotions until the very end.”

Carpe Noctem,


If walls could talk…

Danica Heuer gave her word to her Uncle Arthur on his deathbed. She would take her inheritance and buy a castle. The remark was flippant at the time, but now that Uncle Art is gone, she is honor-bound to keep that promise.

The castle Danica buys turns out to be the boon she needed to lift her spirits. Majestic and dignified, she falls in love with her new purchase immediately. The steward is helpful and very informative about the castle’s rich history and lore. Things are perfect. Or are they?

Danica’s dreams become tumultuous. Strange sounds in the night wake her. The longer she stays, the more hushed whispers she hears in town about her castle.

What will Danica do when she discovers the terrifying truth about her castle, contained deep Within These Stone Walls?

Adult Excerpt:

Over the next week, Danica’s nightly dreams were dynamic. She saw the castle as she had in previous nights, in its early years. Tonight in particular, she saw the handsome Lord Vollhoffer, looking every bit as majestic as he appeared in the portrait hanging in the hallway. She felt like a blushing virgin again as he approached her, reaching for her hand. She offered it daintily, coupled with a deep, respectful curtsey. Lord Vollhoffer took her hand and deposited upon it a tender kiss. Danica felt awash with delight. Her insides tingled as if his kiss held magic. His touch commanded her senses to obey. She looked up into his russet eyes. By all that was holy, this man was captivating! With a mere glance he spoke volumes. This was a look of pure desire.

Danica could not resist him, nor did she want to. Words were unnecessary as he tucked her gloved hand into the crook of his arm, leading her up the stairwell. She instinctively knew where they were headed. Once they had arrived at the bedroom door, he opened it for her and gestured for her to enter before him. She did so with a demure nod, stepping in and looking at the room as if she were seeing it for the first time.

The opulent furnishings left her breathless. They were different in the dream than what was currently decorating the room. The bed was made of hand-carved teak. The posts were decorated with a serpentine twist, spiraling diagonally from the ornate finials down to the floor. The headboard and footboard were equally elaborate. Danica wanted to run over and jump in it, pulling the handsome Lord with her, but that would be far too bold. Her body trembled with a commixture of nervousness and craving.

Lord Vollhoffer shut the door hard and the sound echoed with a staunch finality. She was trapped, yet she had no wish to be anywhere but here with him. He wasted no time in claiming his conquest. Moving quickly to her, he slipped his hand behind her head. His fingers snaked gently through her hair as he cradled her in his grasp, leaning in. Their eyes closed in unison as their lips met.

Sensation swelled within Danica again, that intense want. His kiss fueled her ardor and she moaned softly against his lips. She felt his other hand slip around her back, pulling her to him. With their bodies pressed together, she could feel his urgent need even through the multiple layers of fabric both were wearing.

His hands moved from their grip on her to her bodice, tugging forcefully on the laces. It was like something out of a tawdry romance novel. Just when Danica thought he was about to snap them, they gave way. Her chest heaved as it was loosed from its bonds. The dress was pushed from her shoulders, slipping downward. She wiggled her arms to urge it to release and the weighty fabric fell prey to gravity, pooling about her ankles. He drew back from the kiss for only a moment to raise her chemise over her head. She permitted him, raising her arms to facilitate easier removal.

Her own hands were not idle. She ran her fingers along his chausses and pushed them down, along with his braies. Her hands moved to grip his firm manhood. Goodness, he was blessed! She could only imagine what pleasures he could bring to her and her yearning grew. He removed his own upper garments, tossing them aside, forgotten the moment they were cast.

His muscular arms lifted her up off the floor, carrying her to the bed. He laid her down upon it with extraordinary care, as if she were fragile and would break. He climbed atop her, forsaking the temptation of foreplay. Neither of them wanted to wait.

Coupled with another fiery kiss, he pushed his way in to her tight heat. There was no pain, as he was not the first man to claim her, and surprisingly enough, she was already wet for him. His welcome intrusion rocked Danica and she gasped, exhaling with a deep moan of joy. His hips worked with forceful, rhythmic thrusts, each bringing her higher toward bliss.

Her knees bent, parting her legs more for him. He accepted the access gratefully, driving deeper still. She had been right. He did know how to reach her most erogenous places with his large member. Oh, did he ever!

Her breath grew heavy as their bodies pitched in tandem. The soft mattress cradled her in sharp contrast to his hard body. His driving thrusts evoked indescribable sensations deep within her. She had never wanted a man as much as she wanted him. More and more, over and over, their shared ardor intensified. She broke first, giving over to the ecstasy. It was as if she had cascaded over a waterfall of delight, but wasn’t done yet. Her voice was relegated to a mere whimpering moan.

His impetus surged higher as his body ravished hers. She had never had sex so enlivened, so zealous. He made her feel desired. She felt beautiful.

Just when she thought she could take no more, he drove in deep and hard. She found her voice and shrieked as her body quivered with the sensory overload. His thrusts became jerky, hips moving spasmodically as his throaty moan joined hers. She felt his massive cock pulsating deep inside her as he reached his release point.

He withdrew and rolled over to lie beside her. Danica turned to her side, draping one leg over his, curling up next to him. The sound of her heartbeat pounded in her ears. Her breath was still shallow and fast. She grazed her fingertips along his chest, smoothing the wisps of hair there. She liked a little bit of chest hair on a man. Of course, she didn’t mind looking at models who had the buff, shaved and oiled chests. Eye candy is eye candy after all, but for her own men, she liked a little softness there to nuzzle her cheek to.

Neither of them was willing to break the companionable silence by speaking. The lord of the castle had chosen her, had taken her to his bedchamber and given her the greatest sexual pleasure she had ever known. Danica was awed. She wondered what other sordid or possibly romantic plans he had for her. Would he toss her out now that she had given in to his wiles? Or would he be so pleased with her that he would wed her and make her Lady Vollhoffer? Where did that thought come from?

©2008 – Desirée Lee

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