Sunday, 14 June 2009

New Release! Stonehenge by DCL Author Bill Haworth

The sobbing Jesse pointed to the pile of rubble at which Mags was barking furiously.

"What's he barking at, the idiot?" demanded Dad. "There's nothing there!"

"Holly went to fetch the frisbee and she just disappeared! " explained his sobbing daughter.

Mum (Mom) cradled the distraught girl as Dad dug furiously around the mound, thinking she might have fallen down a hole. Try as he did, he could find no holes.

As the lightning flashed once again, he briefly caught a glimpse of a girl as though in a mirage. "Holly!" he cried in stunned surprise.

"Dad! Dad! Help me!" Holly cried out, "I can't get back!"

Rowan the Arch-Druid ran over to survey the scene. An eerie glow of static electricity had formed on the wet, upright stones. With one hand, he rubbed them and realised what had happened.

"Holly!" he shouted. "When the lightning flashes again, run through the same place you went in!"

"Help me please!" cried Holly from the other side. "Mum (Mom), Dad, help me!"

The official guide turned up, demanding, "What's going on?" He turned a deathly pale as he saw the fading image
of Holly by the mound.

No more lightning flashed as the black cloud was blown away by a fresh wind. Dad looked on helpless as the
mirage that was his daughter now faded. Racking his brains, he shouted, "Think Holly, think! Use your brains darling!"

"What can I do," came Holly's faint reply.

"Find a holy man!" Rowan shouted. "We'll try to do something from this side!"

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