Sunday, 5 October 2008

The Captain and Caillin Fynn by Gloria Wiederhold

Publication Date: 7th August 2008ISBN 978-1-921347-61-0
Price: $6.50

Only through suffering comes sweet bliss…
Caillin Fynn McIntyre suffers the loss of her husband and must live under the protection of her uncle, the powerful Baron Percy of Warkworth. Jules Stromwell, Percy’s young steward has loved Caillin Fynn and suffered in silence for almost a decade. Once she is widowed, he seizes the opportunity and requests permission to court her when the baron deems the appropriate period of mourning is over. Baron Percy grants his steward’s wish without reservation, convinced Jules will make a loving husband to his niece. The road to recovery proves to be long and difficult for Caillin Fynn. When she crosses paths with Captain Ralph Burton, the twin of the man who changed her life forever, sparks fly and a bittersweet passion ensues that takes them all by surprise, testing the limits of duty and honor.

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