Friday, 10 October 2008

Meet the DCL Authors behind the books-S.J. Ronayne

S.J. Ronayne
I am the second of four children raised in a very Catholic (clergy in the family and everything) predominantly Irish family. We are a crazy lot with ups and downs and cursing and yelling for cursing, but there is always love. I have two nephews and a niece that I adore. I was born and raised in New Jersey until my family moved to Virginia when I was fifteen. When I was twenty-four I moved to Florida but ended missing my family and friends and moved back home to Virginia after a year and a half. I haven’t traveled the world over except through the thousands of books I have read – most of which are romance novels.
I love reading romance and began writing when I was twelve. Of course, back then my writing was innocent with hand holding, hugs, and pecks on the cheek. My style has matured considerably since then. Most of my heroines share a common thread. They’re not perfect by today’s standards of model beauty. I don’t believe a woman has to be a size zero to be beautiful. And while not all of my heroines will be on the heartier side they all have heart. As do my heroes.

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