Thursday, 9 October 2008

New Release! Aquamarine Desires by Meshella Mullins

Thailand 1668.
The five year old girl looked out at the glorious beauty of the aquamarine waters. The shine of the evening sun made it look like crystals shimmering through the clear water. Suddenly, dolphins appeared doing flips, trying to get her attention as the ship glided onward. One of them was a beautiful snow white dolphin with aquamarine eyes, and it flipped in the air, causing a giggle to come from the angelic child.
She wrapped her tiny fingers around the aquamarine necklace hidden inside her pocket. She had heard her parents speaking after they had made her give them her necklace. They planned to take her necklace to the King of Sunset Island. Her mother said that the necklace held immense power and would be well protected in the keeping of their close friend King Hang…funny how she could not remember this king. It was not fair for them to give the necklace away…no, she would not let them do this, it was her gift!
Large, slightly slanted light sea green eyes shimmered with tears as she remembered her grandmother giving her the glistening aquamarine heart necklace. It had felt so warm against her skin, and she had smiled up at her grandmother as she had spoken.
“See the inscription on the back, Jewel? Ocean and heart beat as one…my heart will always be with you, little one…do not forget me…” Grandmother had whispered into Jewel’s ear, hugging her tightly.
“I would never forget you, Grandmother…why can I not come with you and Grandfather?” she had asked with a pout as they stood on the ship a week ago. Her grandparents had looked sadly at her parents, then back at her.
“We are different, Jewel, and must return to our home…you belong with your mother and father…but I will always be with you…see?” Grandmother had encouraged as the necklace shimmered in their hands magically and their eyes met. ““I love you, Jewel.” she said, stroking the child’s cheek and then standing…she slowly backed away until she released Jewel’s hand. Before her eyes, her grandparents had disappeared and now this necklace was all she had left to remember them by.
Looking out, she could see the lights of the palace shinning in the distance. Soon they would be there. Pulling the jewel out of its hiding place, she held the necklace out before her. The aquamarine stone seemed to shimmer with a life of its own as it took on even more of a beautiful glimmer.
“I won’t let them give your gift away, Grandmother…I won’t!”
The wind picked up as the ocean seemed to come alive. The dolphins seemed to be excited as they danced on the water. The little girl’s deep red hair came loose from its braids and flew around her heart-shaped face. Then the necklace glowed like the morning sun.
“Pretty,” she said as she heard her mother’s voice.
“Daughter, no!” her mother screamed frantically as she ran towards her. Then a dolphin jumped up to the rail, startling her, causing the necklace to slip from her grasp. As she reached out in a desperate attempt to catch it, she tumbled over the side of the ship and into the aquamarine ocean.
Her mother’s scream echoed over the ocean as her daughter’s life was wrapped in the warm glow of the necklace and ocean. The white dolphin swam swiftly through the clear water and into the glow that surrounded the child.

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